Wharton '23 Shawn-Ryan Bootsma

SA: King's College London, United Kingdom


  • SA: King's College London, United Kingdom

Ask me about...

  • Living abroad for the first time

  • Recruiting while abroad

  • Taking courses outside your major

  • Getting support while abroad

  • The visa process

  • Finding community while living alone

My Experience Abroad:

During my semester abroad, I was able to reconnect with interests like Creative Writing, Hiking, Taekwondo, and Fencing in a safe environment.  I also met other students with diverse perspectives from across the world and explored different cultures through travel and food.

Other Highlights:

  • Becoming a known regular at a London cafe

  • Hiking the Cliffs of Dover in the snow

  • Stargazing on the bank of the River Thames

  • Becoming a DJ for a night in Venice 

  • Studying under the Cherry Blossoms by Buckingham Palace

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