Wharton, Fall 2018 Thomas Bonte

Wharton, Fall 2018
From University of Leuven - KU Leuven

Ask me about...

  • Living in another country for the first time

  • Joining non-professional clubs and societies

  • Living on campus for a long period for the first time

  • Traveling in North America

  • Student life, college houses, dining plans

  • Any questions you'd have during or before you come to Penn!

My Experience at Penn:

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes I took at Penn. Picking classes based on my personal interests allowed me to grow academically, make strong connections with people that will end up in very different industries, and give me a taste of an educational system I would otherwise never have experienced. 

Of course, an exchange is way more than just academics. While at Penn I made friends from all over the world: not only thanks to New Student Orientation (NSO) and other activities organized by the university, but also thanks to the several campus societies I joined. 

I would recommend every exchange student to join at least one club while at Penn: it shows you a very different side of this competitive university and allows you to create intense relationships, not just with fellow exchange students, but also with local students. It’s so easy to be part of different communities on campus and explore your interests.

Other Highlights:

  • Being nominated for the Harrison's Resident Spotlight recognition

  • Becoming friends with full-time and fellow exchange students

  • Serving on the board of the French Society

  • Exploring New York, DC, Montreal and the West Coast

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