Timethius J. Terrell

Portrait of Timethius
Mahidol University International College (Petition Program)
Psychology '24

Timethius J. Terrell is a psychology major with minors in linguistics and legal studies & history. His passions for sociolinguistics, social justice, and international relations led him to study at Mahidol University International College in Thailand. At Penn, Timethius is a Marvel film reviewer with Penn Moviegoer, a writer with Wharton International Business Review, a Fellow with the Office of Social Equity and Community, and a member of the Netter Center Professional Development Committee. His free time, Timethius does creative writing and reaction videos on YouTube. He cannot wait to study with the Faculty of Social Sciences at Mahidol with a unique focus on international relations and global affairs!!

During the upcoming semester, he is looking forward to:

Immersing himself in the Thai language and culture

Living independently in an off-campus apartment

Exploring multiple countries in Southeast Asia

Networking with student leaders from across the world

Thailand’s nightlife (duh!)

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