Trevor Arellano

Portrait of Trevor
SIT International Honors Program: Health and Community
Health and Societies '24

Trevor Arellano is in the College studying both health and societies with a concentration in health policy and law and anthropology concentrating in medical anthropology, with a potential minor in bioethics. He can’t wait to hone in on his two academic interests, health and what makes us human, through tangible methods while on the International Honors Program. On campus at Penn, Trevor is a part of the Penn Ben's Peer-Counseling Group, Penn Traditions, and Penn Timmy Global Health. He also enjoys his work-study at the Penn Museum Library. In his free time, Trevor loves to consume historical fiction, whether it's from Netflix dramas or dusty books. He also enjoys running, exploring new places, listening to music, and laughing with his friends.

During his upcoming semester, he is looking forward to: 

  • Interacting with and learning from different people about their perspectives and stories

  • Traveling to places he never imagined he could, all in one semester! (India, South Africa, and Jordan)

  • Connecting his studies to real-world situations 

  • Eating authentic foods

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