College '23 Victoria Gribman

SA: University College London, United Kingdom


  • SA: University College London, United Kingdom

Ask me about...

  • Recruiting for consulting the entire first month of being abroad and still landing several offers!

My Experience Abroad:

My abroad experience enhanced all aspects of my learning. In genetics and neuroscience, it was quite amazing to have different professors for every lecture who specialize in that specific topic. For example, in one class, we would have someone lecturing on schizophrenia who is a specialist in that particular field, and then the next day, someone lecturing on ASD who specializes in that. I also really appreciated the small group discussions and seminars that made my humanities experience very introspective and thoughtful. The highlight of the program for me as a Neuroscience major would be the practicals. They were not graded (but tested on at the end) and really allowed me to understand the concepts from class in depth. I was able to hold a real brain and even had EMG recorded using electrodes over my skin to better understand muscle function and motor unit recruitment. Professionally, the experience made me extra comfortable being in a big room with no one else I know and making lots of friendships and connections (great for networking).

Other Highlights:

  • Living in London which became my favorite city ever - easy transport, cute study cafes, amazing food, beautiful strolls

  • Meeting new people and getting outside my comfort zone (did not know anyone when I got here)

  • Benefiting from a different academic format (class schedule, flexibility, exams)

  • Traveling to other countries, and exploring the countryside and other parts of England

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