CAS '23 William Perry

SA: CASA Barcelona: Spanish Universities Program, Spain


  • SA: CASA Barcelona: Spanish Universities Program, Spain

Ask me about...

  • Traveling for cheap

  • Taking classes in a different language at a local university

  • Finding the best food spots

  • Forcing myself out of my comfort zone via solo travel

  • Best hiking spots in Spain

My Experience Abroad:

From an academic perspective, being abroad was absolutely invaluable: I was able to explore my PPE concentration of globalization in a more nuanced way by taking classes such as anthropology, history, and culture classes. Simply having the opportunity to study in another country was really eye opening, whether I was observing the education system in Spain, asking locals about their attitudes towards certain political developments within the EU or Spain, or having the ultimate test of Spanish by negotiating with a receptionist about insurance policies in the ER on one of my last days in Spain. Additionally, being abroad inspired me to double major in Hispanic Studies, with the Spanish classroom showing me that I was capable and prepared to be in an all-Spanish learning environment, dissecting a variety of issues that are unique to Spanish speakers/Spanish culture. Traveling abroad is one thing, but living there for six months is another. It was undoubtedly a transformative and inspirational period in my life that has taught me meaningful and profound lessons inside and outside of the classroom.

Other Highlights:

  • Doing part of El Camino for a trabajo de investigación and talking to people in Spanish along the way

  • Ending the program by watching the sunrise with everyone in CASA after the discoteca

  • Eating my way around Europe

  • The beach picnics we frequently had on the Barceloneta

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