CAS '21 Wilnaphekie Taloute

SA: IFSA Program in Cuba

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): IFSA Program in Cuba

Ask me about...

  • A unique aspect about my experience that I think other students should ask me about is learning how to navigate a non-English speaking environment for months, and adapting to an academic setting that functions in Spanish at all times.

My Experience Abroad:

My time abroad in Cuba was perfect for my concentration in the African diaspora for my Africana Studies major. I was able to take many classes that are related to my majors; such as Caribbean Literature and Sociology of Culture.

Other Highlights:

  • Amazing host mom who shared many of her values and part of her identity with me, while also encouraging me to be persistent and resilient in life.

  • The music and the food!

  • Having the opportunity to be in an environment where people prioritize work-life balance

  • I did an independent study which I will hopefully use for my senior CAPSTONE Paper

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