CAS, Fall 2019 Yaoyuan Liu

CAS, Fall 2019
From Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ask me about...

  • Academic study

  • Joining student clubs

  • Meeting people and travelling together in the US

My Experience at Penn:

Exchange at Penn was more of a gap semester for me to reflect and think about the future before going to the workplace and becoming a professional. What I obtained was honestly beyond my expectation. There were plenty of opportunities to meet the most experienced scholars and professionals from not only the legal industry but also others that are at the intersection with the practice. The professors are top class and the teaching was exciting. My classmates, from various subjects and degree programs, were most inspiring. The valuable insights that I gained from this experience helped me clarify some of my career interests and aspirations, undoubtedly adding a competitive edge to my professional path in the future.

Other Highlights:

  • Apart from exploring interesting places and lovely restaurants in Philly, I used weekend breaks and holidays to travel to ten other cities in the US. Nearly all of my best friendships were developed on the road – watching sunsets behind Washington Monument, taking photos under the Chicago bean, lying on the New Jersey beach, etc. I could have never imagined how much these trips would change me, and I started a new lifestyle of constantly going out and trying new stuff. Credit to all of my awesome friends who encouraged me!

  • Penn is very generous in supporting a great variety of student clubs - over 400 of them! As an Asian law student, I joined the Asian Law & Politics club and met so many intelligent brains there. As an attempt to exercise more, I also joined a dancing club which turned out to be fun and now a life-long interest!

  • Penn invests a lot in building its academic strengths and provides rich resources to students. Many courses have closely caught up with the newest trends of the industry and classes would always have top practitioners invited to talk about their views on the newest trends.

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