Nursing '23 Yasmine Carter-McTavish

Yasmine Carter-McTavish
SA: University of Queensland, Nursing


  • SA: University of Queensland, Nursing

Ask me about...

  • Working while under a student visa in Australia

  • Accommodation options in Brisbane, as I had to move part way through my Semester abroad

My Experience Abroad:

My experience in Australia helped me to see nursing as the global profession that it truly is. It was interesting to observe that although we may have different names for medications, equipment, and even some procedures, fundamentally, nursing is a universal language. Nurses around the world are united by our values of being trustworthy, leading with evidence-based practice, and prioritizing person-centered care.

Other Highlights:

  • Joining QUEST which is The Queensland University Exchange Student Society, where I was able to make a lot of new friends from around the world

  • Exploring Queensland (they have the best beaches and it is very easy to get around via public transportation)

  • Taking advantage of Australia's proximity to so many other beautiful countries. I spent my last two weeks abroad cruising in New Zealand!

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