Wharton, Year 2022 Yi Yao

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EAP: Wharton, Year 2022
From Hitotsubashi University

Ask Me About...

  • This is my first time coming to the US and living here for almost a year. I had a hard time getting through the transition period, but I overcame the difficulties and started to love the life here. Therefore I have some good tips to share if you would like to know how to adjust to life in the US.
  • My major is finance. In addition to courses at Wharton, I also took CIS1100 at the Penn engineering department. The class was focused on computer science (mainly coding using Java) and was pretty challenging. But I ended up learning a lot from it and don’t regret taking it.

My Experience at Penn:

  • I stayed at Penn for the whole academic year 2022-2023. This one-year experience was quite meaningful because it helped prepare me for my grad school study in the US starting next year. I had never been to the US before the exchange program, and it gave me a good picture of the life of a US college student.
  • Through taking classes at Wharton, I got to know some really nice professors and decided to keep in touch with them thereafter. The courses here are of excellent quality, and I had a wonderful time meeting outstanding students, including undergrads and MBAs.
  • Culturally, I expanded my horizons and got to know more about authentic American culture. I am Chinese, but I come from Hitotsubashi University in Japan. In other words, I am an international student at my home university and became a “double” international after coming to the US. It was really exciting to see and feel different cultures in person, which help me improve my communication skills and develop a global mindset.

Other Highlights:

  • Had most classes at Huntsman Hall (Wharton’s most famous & advanced building)

  • Ate delicious food at dining halls and restaurants nearby

  • Got to know a pretty nice professor at Wharton and had lunch together multiple times

  • Had a one-day trip to New York

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