SEAS, Year 2021 Zhihang Yuan

Selfie of Zhihang Yuan
EAP: SEAS, Year 2021
From University of Edinburgh

Ask me about...

  • Being abroad for the first time

  • Meeting new people

  • Social life

My Experience at Penn:

It was a wonderful experience for me to have a year studying in the USA. Being exposed to another different culture and teaching style helps me know that there are always other ways to achieve the same goals. By this, I mean that the US education system is quite different from China and the UK. I did not expect such a free and enjoyable learning experience could happen in University life, since the learning experience in China and UK is pretty rigorous compared to the experience in the UK. UPenn also provided me with opportunities for a rich social life. I was not able to go home for the whole year since the covid-19 regulation was stringent. So, involving myself in the UPenn community helped me rest assured and eased my homesick emotions.

Other Highlights:

  • UPenn has a very comprehensive and considerate teaching system including class, office hours, and grading system.

  • UPenn has a very free class atmosphere, everyone could share different opinions and they are all respected.

  • UPenn has a wonderful out-of-class social life. There are tons of social activities.

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