Alice Andrews

Piazza Nettuno at Christmastime
CAS '25
SA: Bologna Consortial Studies Program
Semester Abroad (SA)


  • SA: Bologna Consortial Studies Program

Ask me about...

  • Learning in another language.

  • Taking graduate courses as an undergraduate student.

  • Sharing a living space with natives of the study abroad location.

My Experience Abroad:

I began taking Italian when I first arrived at Penn and continued studying the language abroad. My main goal for the semester was to feel more confident in my comprehension and speech, and I feel I have certainly improved. Out of the 4 courses (5 credits) I took, only one was an Environmental Studies course. As it was a graduate course at the University of Bologna, I was initially unsure if I would be underprepared compared to my classmates, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well Penn's coursework had prepared me.

The BCSP program requires students to take a full load of courses taught in Italian. Although this was extremely intimidating to me at first, I can say confidently that it made the program unique to other study abroad programs offered in Italy and the perfect environment to grow out of your comfort zone. I also had the opportunity to share an apartment with Italian roommates which was one of my favorite parts about the program.

Other Highlights:

  • I loved adapting my daily routine while in Bologna and integrating Italian culture into my everyday life.

  • Finding local Bolognese restaurants to try every week.

  • Cultural excursion trips allowed me to visit new cities, learn about history, and practice my Italian! 

  • The central location of Bologna.

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