Huntsman '21 Grace Seeley

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): CASA Seville: University of Seville, Spain

Ask me about...

  • Deciding between the many Spanish-speaking programs that Penn offers

  • The immersive nature of the CASA-Sevilla program

  • Integrating into a community

  • Taking classes with Spanish students

  • Teaching in a local secondary school

  • Tutoring neighbor children in English

  • Learning about my neighborhood through my host family

My Experience Abroad:

Ignoring the fact that studying abroad is a Huntsman requirement, the courses that I took in Sevilla allowed me to explore the many intersections between the two degrees that I'm pursuing at Penn.  While my Economics of the European Union class allowed me to connect what I had studied in macroeconomics courses with my area studies coursework, taking Regional Development and Tourism in Andalucía helped me to apply theories of development that I had learned in HIST 107 my freshman year.

Other Highlights:

  • Feria! Definitely a highlight of being in Sevilla during the springtime

  • Going to the market with my host family! It was fascinating to compare something as simple as grocery shopping between cultures

  • I had the opportunity to travel (for free!!) all throughout Spain through CASA's Historical Memory Program, which allowed me to independently study this top-of-mind issue in Spain through a combination of interviews, cultural visits, and academic research.

  • Going to Ronda!  If you're in Sevilla, definitely take the 2-hour bus trip (do NOT take the train--that's a mistake you only make once) to Ronda.

  • Another cliché but...visiting Morocco!  It's amazing how close Morocco and Spain are, yet culturally they feel worlds apart.

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