CAS '23 Nina (Yichen) Wei

Student via zoom
GRIP: Remote Intern

Programs Abroad: 

Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP - Virtual program in Summer 2021): in Israel

Ask me about...

  • Interning in a virtual format
  • Collaborating with coworkers and supervisors with a time difference
  • Connecting with leading professionals around the globe

My Experience Abroad:

The greatest reward from the internship was gaining exposure to different industries in the Israeli startup ecosystem from a journalistic perspective. Through my time at NoCamels, I was able to complete news features covering stories of startups in various fields including academia, sports, healthcare, food tech, and space tech. Having conversations with leading experts and entrepreneurs in those industries allowed me to further understand some of the cutting-edge innovations and the area's unique startup scene. Having previously been to this region, during which I focused on the political dynamics, this internship offered me an opportunity to virtually "re-visit" the region from a journalistic perspective with a focus on its technological developments. This internship brought me a platform to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the area's culture and form personal connections with those involved in shaping the area's future.

Other Highlights:

  • Exposure to a variety of industries through a journalistic perspective
  • Drafting and publishing articles online
  • Forming personal connections with local scholars and entrepreneurs

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