CAS '22 Wendy Lliguichuzhca

Student on zoom screen
GRIP: Remote Intern

Programs Abroad:

Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP - Virtual program in Summer 2021): Social Impact in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Ask me about...

  • Working abroad remotely
  • Adjusting to cultural and linguistic differences
  • Connecting with the language and culture of your remote internship
  • Completing health-related work in a different language

My Experience Abroad:

My virtual GRIP experience allowed me to have a hands-on experience that connected the theories I learned in my HSOC classes with my interests in nutrition and global health work in Latin America. Overall this experience provided me with valuable lessons concerning global health work and remote work that I will take with me throughout my final year at Penn and in my career.

Other Highlights:

  • Meeting and talking to Argentine nutrition students interning at my internship site
  • Completing a virtual tour of a town in the province of Buenos Aires
  • Working directly with the director of my internship site
  • Learning more about Argentina food, history, and culture and finding ways to connect with Buenos Aires from Philly

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