International Student and Scholar Services is actively involved in promoting the successful
integration of international students, scholars and their families through the outreach efforts
and program offerings that are available to the Penn community. Through partnership and
engagement with students, administrators and outside stakeholders, our Penn international
community is served effectively and proactively.

Opportunities for Spouses and Partners

International Spouses and Partners at Penn (ISPP)

We understand that the families of Penn Students and Scholars are important to their success here in the United States.  It is our hope that their time here will be an enriching experience for every member of their family.

Engagement with Penn Administrators and Other Stakeholders

International Partners Outreach Group (IPOG)

The International Partners Outreach Group (IPOG) is comprised of Penn administrators who have been very engaged in an active dialogue with the student representatives of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) and with each other. 

International Programs Institute (IPI)

The International Programs Institute (IPI) provides Penn administrators with a venue to augment their knowledge, skills and competencies regarding areas revolving around services geared for international students and scholars.

Penn's Annual Roundtable with Stakeholders (PARTS)

Penn's Annual Roundtable with Stakeholders (PARTS) is an annual meeting with important government agencies to find creative ways to effectively serve the international student and scholar community. ISSS staff meets with managers and directors representing Custom Border Protection (CBP), Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) and Social Security Administration (SSA).

    • "Most Valuable & Interesting Experiences at Penn"
    • "Empowering a diverse group of students to lead"
    • "meaningful dialogue about cultural interactions"
    • "tools, knowledge, community to make a positive impact "