Europe Queen Elizabeth’s death deprives Britain and the world of a rock of stability

September 9, 2022
By Trudy Rubin | The Philadelphia Inquirer

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth II, it is the marmalade sandwich I will always remember. For those who never saw the video she made with an animated Paddington Bear that was released during her Platinum Jubilee in June, now is the time to watch it on YouTube. Watching Paddington tip his hat and thank the queen “for everything” (after she has just pulled a marmalade sandwich from her purse to show him) was incredibly touching...

Queen Elizabeth was a rock, the world leader who was there for our entire lives, from post-World War II through the end of the imperial era through the Cold War and the Unipolar U.S. Moment up until our current Age of Uncertainty. That is what makes her long-expected passing at age 96 still so shocking to absorb.

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