Past Global Shifts Workshops and Colloquia


Memory, Movement, Materiality: Journeys of Forced and Undocumented Migration Workshop, February 21, 2020: This workshop was hosted in partnership with the Penn Cultural Heritage Center of the Penn Museum. It explored issues around migration journeys, and how they are documented by material culture, archaeology, museums, and more. 

Immigration: Research Frontiers and Policy Challenges, October 4-5, 2019: This two-day workshop, convened by Nicholas Sambanis of the Penn Identity and Conflict Lab. It explored key challenges facing migrants worldwide - from anti-immigrant bias, to issues with integration - and the implications for policymakers. 

Global Family Change Workshop, September 16-17, 2019: This two-day workshop, convened by Hans-Peter Kohler and Frank Furstenberg of the University of Pennsylvania with support from Perry World House, brought participants together to look at the role of families in global, economic, and demographic shifts. Topics explored included the intersections between gender, technology, and family; and how policy and legal changes can affect families. 

Cities, Geopolitics and the International Legal Order Workshop, September 6, 2019: This workshop launched the Great Powers and Urbanization Project (GPUP) a joint initiative of Perry World House, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the University of Melbourne's Connected Cities Lab, and the Argentine Council for International Relations. GPUP will look at the evolving role of cities on the world stage. Participants explored topics such as how approaches to urbanization feature in geopolitical strategy; the creation and implementation of national urban policies in the context of development, stability, and authoritarian control; the development of city networks; and the legal authority of cities. 

Read the workshop report and thought pieces here. 


Vicious Cycles: Toward a Research Agenda on Return and Repeat Displacement Workshop, June 11, 2019: Organized by Perry World House 2018-19 Postdoctoral Fellow Stephanie Schwartz and made possible with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, this one-day workshop brought together academics and policy experts. Their aim was to identify new research priorities around the topic of refugee return and repeat displacement. 

Read the workshop report and thought pieces here. 

Global Shifts Colloquium: A Changing Climate, A Changing World, April 15-16, 2019: Perry World House brought together scholars, policymakers, and journalists for a two-day colloquium focusing on the impacts of climate change. The first day of this event looked at implications of climate change for cities and other places people live, and city-level and community-led climate action initiatives. The second day centered on an exchange of innovative approaches to climate policy, featuring conversations about policymaking from city to global level with leaders including former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy. 

Read more from the 2019 Global Shifts Colloquium here

Read the Colloquium report and thought pieces here. 

Model International Mobility Declaration Workshop, February 21-22, 2019: Perry World House and PWH Distinguished Scholar in-Residence Professor Michael Doyle hosted a workshop on the Model International Mobility Declaration (MIMD), a cumulative and comprehensive treaty that summarizes and builds on the mobility reform agenda of the Model International Mobility Convention, launched in 2017. In this workshop, academics and policymakers from around the world in the fields of migration, human rights, national security, labor economics, and refugee law convened to provide commentary and revisions to the MIMD.

Read outputs from the Model International Mobility Declaration Workshop here.

Navigating Sanctuary: City Responses to Shifting Immigration Policies Workshop, November 14, 2018: To highlight the role of cities as advocates, policymakers, and leaders, Perry World House hosted representatives from major U.S. cities at the forefront of immigration policy and action, alongside researchers and journalists from across the country, to discuss their cities’ responses to shifting immigration policies and share lessons learned for intra-governmental collaboration. This workshop was made possible with support from Cities for Action and Penn’s Institute for Urban Research.

Read the workshop report here.


Global Shifts Colloquium: Prospects for Institutional and Policy Reform on International Migration and Refugees, April 9-10, 2018: Over two days in April 2018, Perry World House convened scholars, journalists, legal clinicians, researchers, policymakers, human rights defenders, city officials, local activists, and practitioners for its second annual colloquium for its Global Shifts: Urbanization, Migration, and Demography research theme. This rich array of stakeholders tackled critical questions around prospects for policy reform on migration; the role media played in shaping public perceptions to migrants and refugees; and the special needs of the increasing number of refugees in protracted situations. The colloquium was keynoted by the then High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and included a rich dialogue that localized the global migration phenomenon by featuring the city of Philadelphia’s former City Solicitor Sozi Tulante, who defended Philadelphia’s status as a “sanctuary city” against the Justice Department, in conversation with Yasmine Mustafa, a Philadelphia-based women’s rights activist and entrepreneur with a compelling story about her own experience migrating to the U.S.

Spring 2018 Global Shifts Colloquium: Prospects for Institutional and Policy Reform on International Migration and Refugees Thought Pieces

Spring 2018 Global Shifts Colloquium: Prospects for Institutional and Policy Reform on International Migration and Refugees Report

The New Urban Agenda Workshop, January 2018: To advance thinking and policy ideas on the impact of urbanization and its effects on migrants, social networks, transportation, sustainable cities, and housing, in January 2018, Perry World House brought together senior scholars and policy experts to deepen thinking about sustainable urban development and the New Urban Agenda. This also served as a moment to release a set of white papers drafted by Penn faculty and staff and edited by Perry World House on the different challenges and opportunities of the New Urban Agenda in preparation for the 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Refugee Integration Workshop, December 2017: As several European nations were questioning their commitment to offering safety to more refugees, the U.S. was attempting to bar entry of individuals from certain countries and was engaging in a broader campaign to deter undocumented migration to the U.S., and a significant number of the refugee population was experiencing protracted displacement, in December 2017, Perry World House convened a high-level workshop of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to examine questions around meaningful, multi-faceted and long-term integration of refugees into host countries.


Advancing The New Urban Agenda in a Shifting World Workshop, December 9, 2016: Engaging faculty members from a range of schools and disciplines, as well as journalists, government officials, think tank leaders, and other stakeholders, this workshop tackled difficult and practical questions about how best to inform, implement, and monitor The New Urban Agenda.

Advancing The New Urban Agenda in a Shifting World Workshop (Habitat III, Quito, Ecuador), October 2016: Perry World House played a key role in Penn’s delegation to the United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Sustainable Development (Habitat III) in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016, engaging with U.N. delegates and civil society representatives from 167 countries as they adopted The New Urban Agenda. As part of our engagement, PWH published a research digest featuring the work of more than 45 Penn faculty members that was distributed at Habitat III to inform leading policymakers about the work of university scholars on relevant issues. 


Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Global Challenges of Urbanization and Migration Workshop, February 25, 2016: The panels highlighted different methodological and disciplinary approaches to Urbanization and Migration research. The workshop featured external participants, including Lina Bassarsky from the UN Population Division, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Institute for International Law and Public Policy at Temple University School of Law, and Ananya Roy, Professor and Meyer and Renee Luskin Chair in Inequality and Democracy and Director of the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.