Perry World House Workshop: September 25-28, 2023 A New Age of Nuclearity? Great Powers and Greater Consequences

A New Age of Nuclearity? Great Powers and Greater Consequences report cover


Nuclear issues have been discussed at every level of global life since August 1945, when the world saw the power of nuclear weapons unleashed on Japan. While nuclear threats have waxed and waned over the ensuing decades, discussion about nuclear threats has ramped up again following increased geopolitical tensions. Perry World House was pleased to welcome a cohort of experts to discuss some of the greatest challenges facing the nuclear world, including potentially escalating tensions in East Asia, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and realigning global alliances. Click the links below to read the colloquium report and thought pieces from participants.


Click here to read the report.

Thought Pieces

Alongside the report, we've published a series of thought pieces from the academics and policy practitioners who attended the workshop.

Climate Change, Nuclear Energy, and Just Transitions by Isabella Alcañiz

Preparing for the Uncertain Future of U.S.-Russia Arms Control: A Food for Thought Paper by Sarah Bidgood

Major Power Geopolitical Clashes Jeopardizing the Global Arms Control Regime: Reassessing Priorities, Searching for Approaches in a New Era of Nuclear Tripolarity by Sharyl Cross

Leading By Norms? The Complex Role of Non-Nuclear Weapons States in Shaping the Global Nuclear Order by Francesca Giovannini

North Korean First Use and the Alliance Response by Robert E. Kelly (published by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Indo-Pacific Nuclear Developments after the Washington Declaration by Eunjung Lim

Homegrown Nuclearity by M. Susan Lindee

Nuclear Assurance of South Korea: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back by Adam Mount

Is the spread of regional denuclearization dead? Or a path toward eventual disarmament? by Ryan A. Musto​​​​​​ (published by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

The Room Where it Happens - The Power of Being Present by Nomsa Ndongwe

Navigating the Future: Revitalizing Global Engagement with Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones by Alain Ponce Blancas

Southern Ordering: Building the Global Nuclear Order from the Global South by J. Luis Rodriguez

The Promise and Peril of Nuclear Energy in a Climate Changed World by Erin Sikorsky

Evaluation of the Washington Declaration and Implications for Japan by Admiral Tomohisa Takei 

Obstacles to Renewed Arms Control Negotiations by Alex Weisiger

Bilateral Nuclear Arms Control: Possible Pathways to Progress by Amy F. Woolf