Global Climate Security Atlas

Perry World House's Global Climate Security Atlas is an online climate data visualization project.

Bringing over 200 geospatial datasets on climate together into one place, the website layers these datasets over a map of the world. Users can use this map to compare physical climate projections, environmental and ecological data, and information on social and political systems.  

The map enables viewers to quickly and easily compare these different types of climate and climate-relevant data, such as information on rising temperatures and fluctuating precipitation levels. It also incorporates the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s projections, including how global temperature increases would affect countries around the world.  

In the future, the map will be expanded to include a “hotspot finder,” which will use data to visually highlight places that face multiple climate impacts and are therefore especially vulnerable to climate change. It will also be used to identify gaps in global data on climate adaptation.

Access the Global Climate Security Atlas