Perry World House Workshop: October 3, 2022 Global Climate Finance

Last fall, Perry World House and the Wharton Climate Center brought together experts from policy and academia for our Global Climate Finance Workshop.

The climate crisis continues to escalate worldwide, and the financial support needed to address its effects are not yet in place. While COP27 started the process of establishing a loss and damage fund for countries most impacted by climate change, the structure of the fund remains yet to be determined.

The workshop report—complemented by a series of thought pieces from participants—explores financial policy solutions to the climate crisis, the role the private sector should play, and how existing systems can be changed to better support climate adaptation and mitigation.


Read the Global Climate Finance Workshop Report.

Thought Pieces

Financing Adaptation

Sustainable Investing and Green Returns by Lucian Taylor

Accessibility and Impact

Multilateral Development Banks and Climate Finance: More Words Than Action by Ayse Kaya (published by International Institute for Sustainable Development's SDG Knowledge Hub)


On the Financing of Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Countries by Francis X. Diebold