Perry World House Workshop: April 14, 2022 The Global Order After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

On April 14, 2022, seven weeks into the Russian Federation’s most recent invasion of Ukraine, Perry World House hosted a workshop with policymakers, academics, and current and former government officials on "The Global Order after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine."

The workshop focused on the invasion's effects in four domains: Ukrainian and Russian politics and economics; global economics; NATO and the EU; and the Indo-Pacific. All of the major issues affecting Ukraine, Russia, and the international community are reflected in the priorities of the Global Order research theme at Perry World House, as Russia’s invasion of its neighbor will have ramifications for the future of international governance structures, changing power dynamics, the deployment of new technologies in conflict, and more.

Given the changing nature of the conflict in Ukraine, this workshop report provides actionable policy recommendations that were discussed and debated throughout the event, including increasing weapons deliveries to Ukraine, accelerating the use of digital currency, ending European dependence on Russian energy, and developing a "Marshall Plan" for Ukraine's agricultural sector. It aims to serve as a guide for how various stakeholders— especially the United States, EU, and NATO—can bring an end to the conflict, as well as providing recommendations for the Ukrainian government. 


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Thought Pieces

Alongside the report, we've published a series of thought pieces from the policymakers, academics, and policy practitioners who attended the workshop.

The Invasion's Effect on Ukrainian and Russian Politics and Economics

What’s Next for Ukraine’s (and its Neighbors’) Domestic and Foreign Policy? by Ecaterina Locoman (published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute)

The Putinomics Playbook Won't Work Forever by Chris Miller (published by War On The Rocks)

The War’s Impact on Russia’s Economy and Ukrainian Politics by Mitchell Orenstein (published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute)

Russian Domestic Politics: The Coming Spiral of Repression by Kevin M.F. Platt

Ukrainian Domestic Politics and Identity: How Has the War Changed Ukraine? by Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon

The Invasion's Effect on Global Economics

The Significance of Digital Assets in the Ukraine Crisis by Sarah Hammer

Climate Action Meets Energy Security: The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Adds a New Dimension to Energy Transition by Anna Mikulska (published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute)

The Russia-Ukraine War and Global Food Security: A Seven-Week Assessment, and the Way Forward for Policymakers by Caitlin Welsh (published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies)

The Invasion's Effect on NATO and the European Union

Zeitenwende: Toward a Necessary Reset of NATO’s Russia Policy by Tobias Bunde 

A Need for a New European Security Architecture by William Burke-White

The Ukraine War: Shocks to NATO and EU by Paul Stronski

How the War in Ukraine Is Affecting NATO’s Future Trajectory and Cohesion by Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar 

The Invasion's Effect on the Indo-Pacific

Russia’s War on Ukraine: Implications for China and Indo-Pacific Regional Security by Jacques deLisle

Effects of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on the Indo-Pacific: Will Russia Sanctions Change Chinese Calculus on Taiwan? by Susan Thornton