Global Policy Course Enrichment Grants

Perry World House invites applications to our Global Policy Course Enrichment Grant program. This program strengthens Penn by building bridges between classes in the Penn curriculum and the world of global policy.    

The program will award grants of up to $10,000 to enable Penn faculty to make a course more global policy-relevant by: 

  • designing new course or the curricular redesign of an existing course;  
  • inviting guest speakers from relevant global policy communities; or 
  • developing policy-oriented case studies or other creative connections with the policy world. 

With the support of Carnegie Corporation of New York, Perry World House is working to further improve the transfer of research and expertise between higher education and the policy world. In addition to funding new workshops and programming at Perry World House, the grant supports course development to better prepare students, with real world examples and perspectives, to work professionally in the global policy arena. 

The course enrichment grants are for Penn faculty. Applications will be considered for both undergraduate and graduate courses from any of Penn’s 12 schools, with preference given to courses addressing policy relevant subjects broadly related to our two research themes, The Future of the Global Order: Technology, Power and Governance and Global Shifts: Urbanization, Migration, and Climate Change. Prospective applicants may find more information on our research themes and programs here:  

Grants are available for up to $10,000. Examples of potential uses of funds include: 

  • Paying for travel and/or honoraria for global policymakers to serve as guest lecturers or discussants in the course (while adhering to University rules on travel during the COVID pandemic). 
  • Research into a case study or simulation module for use in the course. The case study must require original research and lead to the creation of a written, or multimedia, teaching tool that faculty may use in publications and other courses. The simulation, in the example of an event or crisis simulation, should have clearly developed roles, scenarios, and supporting documents. 
  • The purchase of materials, modules, or other teaching instruments.
  • Hiring a research assistant to assist with curricular development or redesign. 

Courses funded through the spring 2023 grant cycle should be taught in the Penn curriculum by the end of the 2023-2024 academic year. One month after the course ends, the grant recipient must submit a 1,500- word report on the grant to Perry World House, describing the uses of the funds, sharing student feedback/evaluations, and explaining how the material can be of future use. Should the grant be used to develop a case study or simulation, the materials related to it should also be submitted as part of the report. Should the grant be used to design a new syllabus or redesign an existing syllabus, the new or redesigned syllabus should be submitted with the grant report. In the case of a redesigned syllabus, the original syllabus should also be included.


Applicants must be faculty at the University of Pennsylvania at the time of their application and at the time of the course. 


Applications are due by March 14, 2023 at 11:59PM EST. Click here to apply.

Application Instructions 

Applications should include: 

  • a 500-word proposal that details the objectives, strategy, and manner of evaluating policy relevance 
  • a draft syllabus or existing syllabus with proposed modifications; 
  • names or descriptions of exemplary policy visitors (if requesting funds for visitors); 
  • the name/course number of the course and which semester it will be taught in; and  
  • a budget (in a separate document).