House Committee

The House Committee is a student advisory group composed of undergraduate and graduate leaders from internationally-oriented organizations.

The House Committee is a student advisory group comprising undergraduate and graduate leaders from internationally-oriented organizations. These representatives help convey information about PWH programming to other members of their organizations and their wider networks, and provide feedback to Perry World House on the interests and priorities of the student body related to global affairs and internationally-relevant programming. The committee meets monthly to discuss ideas, priorities, and upcoming programming at Perry World House, as well as to update PWH and one another on their respective organizations’ recent and upcoming initiatives. 

See below for the organizations and their representatives currently sitting on the House Committee. If your organization is interested in joining the House Committee, please email with information about your organization, including how you are internationally oriented and a link to your website or any materials online about the organization. Please put “House Committee” in the subject line.

Assembly of International Students


The Assembly of International Students is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania run and represented by students of global backgrounds. Since 2016, AIS has evolved into an umbrella organization representing and funding more than twenty constituent groups of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. We work closely with the student government, the university administration, and the International Student and Scholar Services to create tangible benefits for international student life, to magnify the voices of international students at Penn and beyond, and to promote collaboration and harmony between students of different nations and culture. We achieve these aims by advocating for the interests of international students among other student groups, umbrella organizations, and the administration, and creating a social network through which international students can utilize in pursuit of common goals and ideals.

Global Health Society


The Global Health Society (GHS) at the University of Pennsylvania seeks to build awareness of and engagement in global health issues for all Masters of Public Health students here at Penn and particularly for the Global Health Track students. We hope to increase opportunities for global health research and service, including fieldwork and Capstone opportunities. We also work to increase communication between the MPH program and the other schools and student groups at Penn that have international interest and reach.

Graduate and Professional Student Assemble (GAPSA), International Affairs Committee


The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) has been an important initiator of change at the University of Pennsylvania. Since its founding over 30 years ago, the organization has striven to enhance the Penn graduate student experience through a diversified array of initiatives with an emphasis on promoting interdisciplinary research and bringing students from different disciplines together.

International Relations Undergraduate Student Association


IRUSA’s mission is to support and unite current and prospective IR majors by providing opportunities to engage in International Relations- related events outside of the classroom. IRUSA achieves its goals by planning and sponsoring said events, as well as acting as a liaison between the administration and faculty and members of IRUSA.

The Lauder Institute 


The Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management & International Studies provides fully integrated business education for a new generation of international leaders. Students at the Lauder Institute earn a Master of Arts in International Studies, which integrates teaching in tailored arts and sciences coursework with advanced language study and cultural immersion experiences. This training is combined with either a a MBA at the Wharton School or a JD at the Penn law School. The Lauder Institute has 6 regions of focus as well as a global program. Students in the Lauder Institute receive rigorous language training in a language local to their region of focus.

Nursing Students for Global Health


A student-led organization committed to raising awareness about global health concerns as well as the impact of health disparities on all sectors of our global society.



SID is Penn's premiere international development focused organization, incorporating broad perspectives and diverse topics to enrich student understanding of development in practice. With a focus on interactive activities and investigative discussions, PennSID allows its members to share experiences while gaining knowledge, analytical skills, and opportunities within the field.

Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerments (PURE)


Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerments (PURE) is a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania dedicated to the advancement of forced migrants everywhere. PURE members engage in English language tutoring, fundraising efforts, and advocacy campaigns, as well as translation work and research for Penn Law's Transnational Legal Clinic. Additionally, PURE volunteers provide basic legal assistance and participate in the United Nations #JoinTogether campaign to spread refugee advocacy to universities everywhere.

Timmy Global Health


Penn Timmy Global Health is the University of Pennsylvania chapter of Timmy Global Health headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Timmy Global Health's mission includes expanding access to healthcare in Guatemala, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Nigeria by empowering students to engage in global development. Penn Timmy's mission is three-fold: increase awareness on campus of global health disparities, serve the local Philadelphia community, and fundraise for our partner organization, Centro de Salud Hombro a Hombro, in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. In addition to this, Penn Timmy participates in an annual medical service trip to Ecuador where we provide primary care to patients who do not have regular access to health services.

Undergraduate Assembly


The Undergraduate Assembly is a student-elected and student-run lobbying group on campus. The purpose of the UA is five-fold: To lobby for tangible change at Penn based on student needs, to represent students to administrators and outsiders, to bring students from different groups and identities together, to provide services to improve student’s quality of life, and to fund the other branches of student government and by extension all student groups on campus.

Undergrad SON


Penn Nursing is one of the school at the University of Pennsylvania  which among other phenomenal aspects provides an incomparable professional foundation for a career in nursing, nursing research, policy,  and so forth - with a mix of liberal arts curriculum.