Emerging Technologies and Global Politics Project

How are emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber, and robotics shaping global politics?

The Emerging Technologies and Global Politics Project at Perry World House is researching how a new generation of technologies is shaping global affairs, from how economies and societies function to the way that militaries will operate.

This interdisciplinary, multi-method effort is led by Director and Richard Perry Professor Michael C. Horowitz and is composed of research teams studying the intersection of emerging technologies and global politics across a variety of different research areas. These include:

  • investigating what influences the willingness of the public and national security elites to adopt emerging technologies;
  • studying how emerging technologies will influence strategic stability and deterrence;
  • the potential for using confidence building measures (CBMs) to reduce the risk of accidental or inadvertent conflicts due to emerging technologies;
  • and evaluating how general purpose technologies influence economic and military power more generally.