The Global Innovation Program is the vehicle through which Perry World House advances its mission of research and policy impact.

The Global Innovation Program takes a three-pronged approach:  It draws on the extensive expertise of individuals in schools, departments, centers, and programs across Penn. It bridges the worlds of academia and policy making by engaging thought-leaders from around the world in meaningful exchange and collaborative, interdisciplinary research. And it is establishing a growing global network of leaders and influencers who value—and increasingly rely upon—Perry World House as a non-partisan resource for innovative ideas.

Specifically, the Global Innovation Program presents a full roster of workshops and colloquia across its two research themes that examine issues from multiple perspectives, and translates the findings into actionable policy proposals. It provides fellowships that bring individuals whose work addresses specific global challenges into the Penn community. It widely disseminates new knowledge through publications, podcasts, and direct engagement with policy makers around the globe.

Research Themes

Congressman Charles Dent and former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon speak at an event on NAFTA, September 2018From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea, to the global economic and political effects of emerging technologies, the post-Cold War global order may be at a tipping point.

This research theme examines implications of changing power dynamics; impacts of new technologies; contributions of governance institutions for the future of international cooperation.

It seeks to understand the drivers of change and the varied implications of those changes. Additionally, it offers new ideas for the preservation and evolution of the international order.

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Ovais Sarmad and Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein speak at the Spring 2019 ColloquiumWhether through migration or culture, choice or necessity, adapting to changing environmental, social, political, and security contexts has always been critical to human existence.

At this moment, the world is seeing the greatest level of displacement since World War II, unprecedented rates and patterns of urbanization, and new demographic trends.

This research theme works to better understand these complex and intersecting global phenomena. It identifies and advances evidence-based policies that promote people-centered, humane, sensitive, dignified, gender-responsive, and prompt attention to people experiencing these 'global shifts.'

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