The Global Innovation Program is the vehicle through which Perry World House advances its mission of research and policy impact.

A global policy think tank within Perry World House, the Global Innovation Program brings Penn’s academic knowledge to bear on major global policy challenges. Perry World House has launched two principal research themes under the Global Innovation Program: The Future of the Global Order: Power, Technology, and Governance and Global Shifts: Urbanization, Migration, and Demography.

The Global Innovation Program takes a three-pronged approach:  It draws on the extensive expertise of individuals in schools, departments, centers, and programs across Penn. It bridges the worlds of academia and policy making by engaging thought-leaders from around the world in meaningful exchange and collaborative, interdisciplinary research. And it is establishing a growing global network of leaders and influencers who value—and increasingly rely upon—Perry World House as a non-partisan resource for innovative ideas.

Specifically, the Global Innovation Program presents a full roster of workshops and colloquia that examine issues from multiple perspectives, and translates the findings into actionable policy proposals. It provides fellowships that bring individuals whose professional roles and/or research addresses specific global challenges into the Penn community. It widely disseminates new knowledge through publications, podcasts, and direct engagement with policy makers around the globe.