About Perry World House Research -- Global Innovation Program

The Global Innovation Program is the vehicle through which Perry World House advances its mission of research and policy impact. A global policy think tank within Perry World House, the Global Innovation Program is designed to bring the academic knowledge of the Penn community to bear on major global policy challenges of our time. The Global Innovation Program seeks to make Penn a global agenda setter around pressing policy challenges, seeking both incremental policy advances informed by academic knowledge and the next big idea that reshapes debates and tranforms fields.

Our approach is, first, to convene interdisciplinary conversations that bring together the worlds of policy and academia and, second, to facilitate and generate impactful research products that influence policy making in global affairs. Under the rubric of the Global Innovation Program, Perry World House has launched two key research themes: The Future of the Global Order: Technology, Power and Governance and Global Shifts: Urbanization, Migration, and Demography. These inaugural themes were selected because they represent some of the biggest challenges facing the international system today and because they bring together extraordinary academic knowledge and capacity distributed across Penn. Both themes draw on the resources and knowledge of schools, departments, centers, and programs across Penn, connecting and catalyzing internally, as we collectively engage external policy audiences.

The Global Innovation Program advances this mission through a robust set of programs. First, we host workshops and conferences at the intersection of academia and policy that examine cutting edge policy challenges from interdisciplinary perspectives. Second, we undertake, support, and commission research projects and outputs that address key global challenges and translate academic knowledge to policy audiences. Third, we host a range of Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars from around the world whose work bridges academia and policy and links to our thematic mission. These Fellows and Scholars are integrated into the life of PWH and the broader university, mentoring students, co-authoring with faculty, convening conversations, conducting research, and bringing their Penn experiences back to the policy world. Finally, we build and foster relationships with policymakers, think tanks, and external stakeholders from Washington to Brussels, Quito to Kuala Lumpur.

Read our first publication, below, on the importance of bridging academia and policymaking on critical global challenges. 

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