Borders and Boundaries Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Project on Borders and Boundaries in World Politics is looking to fill two postdoctoral fellow positions for 2022-23. Please note that applications are now closed.

Partially supported by the National Science Foundation, the Project is concerned with boundaries between organized human communities, broadly understood. International borders, border regions and border crossings have multiple significance as designations of state authority, security buffers, expressions of social meaning and opportunities for economic integration. 

Border regions and activities speak to national and local encounters with neighbors and the rest of the world. This project is concerned with how humans demarcate the space between “us” and “them.” It contextualizes border architecture, infrastructure and institutions as expressions of various social, political and economic anxieties associated with globalization. This research team will concern itself with a broad range of questions relating to “bordering” in world politics. The project team is run by Professor Beth Simmons, Andrea Mitchell University Professor in Law, Political Science, and Business Ethics, as well as Assistant Professor Michael Kenwick (Rutgers University).