Graduate Associates

Perry World House's Graduate Associates Program is for all graduate students, from any school or department, who have demonstrated a serious interest in exploring world affairs in depth during their time at Penn. Click here to apply for our 2020-21 class of Graduate Associates.

This program is for students who want to complement their engagement in global affairs within a vibrant community of scholars, students, and visitors while also developing professional skills relevant to shaping policy. Our Graduate Associates gain hard skills and know-how on bridging the gap between the academic and policy worlds. 

The program brings in guests with first-hand knowledge on how to brief a policymaker, write a budget, lobby Congress, work with the media, and more. Graduate Associates also work on policy papers - learning to write for a policy audience, and receiving editorial input from writers who have worked outside of academia. 

What the Graduate Associates Program offers

The core elements of this program include:

  • Monthly seminars: Graduate Associates are required to participate in a monthly seminar, which will be held in-person or online based on Penn's reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year. These seminars are centered on developing skills for engaging the policy community. Examples of potential seminar topics include how to publish in the policy space, interacting with the media, how government budgets work, and more.
  • Publish works: Graduate Associates are expected to produce one publishable work, most likely an op-ed, during the 2020-21 academic year. PWH will work with graduate students to assist in editing and the placement of published works.
  • Support for further publishing: In addition to publishing one work, feedback and editing support is available should a Graduate Associate wish to pursue larger writing projects. In some cases, additional funding will be available, especially for colloquia and workshop reports.
  • Mentoring by PWH Visiting Fellows and Guests: Graduate Associates will have access to small-group conversations and office hours with Perry World House Distinguished Visiting Fellows and guest speakers over the course of their associateship. Click here to learn more about our Visiting Fellows.
  • Community building and networking: A range of unique professional and social opportunities will be made available to Graduate Associates to network with other Penn and Philadelphia students interested in global affairs and policymaking.
  • Preferential access to PWH events and programs: Graduate Associates will gain preferential access to our events and programs through a special mailing list and targeted invitations.

How to apply for the 2020-21 Graduate Associates Program

All Penn graduate students, as well as current participants in the Graduate Associates Program, are eligible to apply. To apply, please submit an application that includes:

  • A CV/resume;
  • A 500-word statement of interest that explains why you want to join the program;
  • A 500-word statement of interest that explains what you wish to write about and how it relates to either of Perry World House’s research themes; and
  • (Ph.D. students only) A 1-2 page research statement that explains your academic interests and ongoing research.

Applications close on July 13, 2020. Click here to apply now.