Tuesday, March 21 - Wednesday, March 22, 2023 Living with Extreme Heat: Our Shared Future

We have been talking about the impacts of global warming for decades, but policymakers have only just begun to address the threat of extreme heat. Click here to read the colloquium report and thought pieces from participants. 

The past eight years have been the warmest on record, with heatwaves affecting every region around the world – often with grave consequences for people’s lives and livelihoods. Heatwaves are of especially critical concern in cities, where the built environment traps and amplifies heat, and entire neighborhoods can become heat islands.

As with any natural disaster, heatwaves hit the most vulnerable the hardest, increasing morbidity among the sick, elderly, and those communities with the least resources to adapt or protect themselves – locally and globally.

With the latest assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicting that heatwaves will become both hotter and longer, policies are urgently needed to build resilience to extreme heat. To explore potential policy solutions, Perry World House convened its 2023 Global Shifts Colloquium, “Living with Extreme Heat: Our Shared Future.”

In Miami...we have declared May 31 through October 1 'heat season,' where we need to raise awareness that, on all of these days, people are at risk for extended exposure to heat.
Jane Gilbert, Chief Heat Officer, Miami-Dade County
There have always been heatwaves, but as we raise the temperature on the planet, we're amplifying these heatwaves...[they're] one of the climate phenomena that are easiest to attribute to rising CO2.
Jeff Goodell