Global Order Colloquium: September 27-28, 2021 How to See the Future: Forecasting and Global Policy

This year's events will explore forecasting methods and applications at a time of challenge and opportunity for the global order. Register below for our hybrid and virtual public conversations with globally renowned experts on this critical issue.


Flyer for ‘The Future of the World: Forecasting and the U.S. Intelligence Community’ on 9/27/2021 at 9:30am ET
Monday, September 27, 2021, 9:30am-10:30am ET | Virtual Event
The Future of the World: Forecasting and the U.S. Intelligence Community with Morgan Muir

The U.S. intelligence community combines a global surveillance network with cutting-edge analytic techniques to produce some of the most sophisticated predictions possible about future threats to the United States, its citizens, and the world. How does the American intelligence community use the tools at its disposal to make geopolitical forecasts? We'll welcome U.S. Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration Morgan Muir to discuss these questions and more. Please note that this event will be virtual only.

Flyer for 'Fighting for a Better Future' on 9/28/2021 at 12pm ET
Tuesday, September 28, 12:00pm-1:15pm ET | Hybrid Event
Fighting for a Better Future with "Africa's Iron Lady," President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, often called "Africa's Iron Lady," has been working her entire life for a peaceful, just, and healthy future. As President of Liberia and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Sirleaf became a voice for freedom in her home country and around the world. Now, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, she is fighting for a brighter future once again, as the Co-chair of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR). President Sirleaf will discuss the challenges of forecasting geopolitical threats and issues; how we can prepare for the next pandemic; her vision for advancing democracy and justice in the coming years; why West African growth will determine the future of the global order; and more. Please note that this is a hybrid event, with only current members of the Penn community (students, faculty, and staff) able to attend in-person. All other attendees will take part virtually, using the Zoom link in their order confirmation email.

Flyer for 'After the Fall' on 9/28/2021 at 3pm ET
Tuesday, September 28, 3:00pm-4:30pm ET | Virtual Event
After the Fall: Ben Rhodes on the Future of America's Role in the World

What does it mean to be American in the world we live in today? The United States’ place on the global stage is no longer as assured as it was in previous generations. Anti-democratic and authoritarian forces are deepening divisions at home, while U.S. foreign policy is undergoing momentous shifts. And the COVID-19 pandemic – and America’s lackluster response to it – continues to devastate poor and wealthy nations alike. How does America move forward from here? Ben Rhodes, who helped shape the presidency and legacy of President Barack Obama as a deputy national security advisor, will discuss these issues in a keynote conversation. Please note that this event will be virtual only.