Tuesday, September 13 - Wednesday, September 14, 2022 A Fracturing World: The Future of Globalization

Over the past century, the world has become an increasingly interconnected place.

Businesses' supply chains stretch over vast distances; national governments have come together through regional institutions, such as the African Union and NATO; and advances in communications technology have made it possible to quickly and easily build new relationships across national borders.

Many experts believed that this shift toward globalizationtoward ever-closer links between people, companies, and governmentswas inexorable. In recent years, however, this established world order has begun to fracture. Populism and nationalism are in resurgence in many countries, challenging international cooperation on global issues; the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the fragility of lengthy supply chains for essential goods and services; and new technologies could be used to divide rather than unite us.

What does the future of globalization look like in this fracturing world? Join Perry World House and experts from government, academia, the media, and diplomacy to explore this crucial question.

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