Perry World House Global Order Colloquium: September 13-14, 2022 A Fracturing World: The Future of Globalization | Report and Thought Pieces

Last fall, Perry World House brought together experts from policy, academia, and the media for our 2022 Global Order Colloquium, "A Fracturing World: The Future of Globalization." Participants examined a crucial question: is the world deglobalizing?

Globalization once seemed the key to achieving worldwide prosperity, but amid severe political and economic shocks, its future looks more uncertain than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed flaws in global supply chains; growing conflict and competition between countries threaten economic interdependence; and new technologies could bring seismic change to labor forces and financial systems.

The colloquium report—complemented by a series of thought pieces from participants—explores how the global economy is changing in response to these challenges, and how to build a more resilient and equitable global economic order.

Read the report here

Thought Pieces

A Deglobalized, Decoupled, and Regionalized Economic Order?

Paradoxes of Global Value Chains: (Im)possibilities of Decoupling by Mark P. Dallas

China and the West: Growing Apart As Geopolitical Tensions Grow by Alicia García-Herrero (published by Bruegel)

Uncertainty Affects All: How Supply Chains Change with COVID by Dalia Marin

How to Handle Economic Disruption by Darrell M. West

The Use and Regulation of Crypto and Digital Currencies

Do Central Bank Digital Currencies Make Sense for Emerging Market Economies? by Steven B. Kamin

Tracking Global Motivations for CBDCs: The Financial Inclusion Prerogative by Ananya Kumar

Cryptocurrencies and a More Equitable Future for the Global South by Olayinka Odeniran

Crypto's Contribution to an Evolving World Order by Hermine Wong

What We Talk About When We Talk About (Crypto) Regulation by Reuben Youngblom

The Future of Labor and Work

No Rights, No Recovery: Toward a Worker-Centered, Post-Pandemic World by Shawna Bader-Blau and Joell Molina

Future of Labor, the Workforce and Worker's Rights by Shikha Silliman Bhattacharjee

A Roadmap for a More Equitable Future for the Global Workforce by Anne Gemmell

The Future of the Internet: Competing Visions of Purposes and Openness

The Impact of ICT on the Public Sector: Five Questions from a Decade of Experience by Katherine Getao

Understanding Internet Censorship in Democracies by Jillian C. York