Perry World House-Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Policy Prize

Perry World House, the University of Pennsylvania’s hub for global policy research, is partnering with Foreign Affairs, the preeminent outlet for analysis and debate of foreign policy, economics, and global affairs, for the 2022 Perry World House-Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Policy Prize.

This $10,000 prize encourages scholars to translate their own academic work to be more accessible to policymakers in positions of influence and to advance policy debates on significant issues in global affairs. The prize recognizes outstanding, original essays on any topic related to international issues that draw on original academic research and intend to influence policy debates. The deadline for the prize has now been extended to June 12, 2022.

The goal of the prize is to encourage new voices with new ideas on addressing both the long-standing and new challenges the world faces. To that end, we encourage scholars from ALL disciplines to apply. Scholars should submit original essays between 4,000 and 5,000 words, based on their academic scholarship. Submissions should be written in a format and style appropriate for publication in Foreign Affairs.

Prizes will be selected based on their overall excellence and alignment with Perry World House’s two research themes, which are:

Each winner will receive an award of $10,000 from Perry World House. Perry World House encourages prize winners to use the prize to advance their academic research and policy impact. Each prize winner will also have her/his/their essay published by Foreign Affairs online and/or in print.

Click here to learn more about last year's winners, Rice University's Kelsey P. Norman and Stanford University's Jacquelyn Schneider.

Click here to read Kelsey P. Norman's winning entry, 'Rich Countries Cannot Outsource Their Migration Dilemmas.'

If you have any questions about the Prize, email with the subject line “Perry World House-Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Policy Prize.”