About Perry World House

Perry World House is a center for scholarly inquiry, teaching, research, international exchange, policy engagement, and public outreach on pressing global issues.

Perry World House’s mission is to bring the academic knowledge of the University of Pennsylvania to bear on some of the world’s most pressing global policy challenges, and to foster international policy engagement within and beyond the Penn community.

Located in the heart of campus at 38th Street and Locust Walk, it draws on the expertise of Penn’s 12 schools and numerous globally-oriented research centers to educate the Penn community and prepare students to be well-informed, contributing global citizens. At the same time, Perry World House connects Penn with leading policy experts from around the world to develop and advance innovative policy proposals.

Through its rich programming, Perry World House facilitates critical conversations about global policy challenges and fosters interdisciplinary research on these topics.  It presents workshops and colloquia, welcomes distinguished visitors, and produces content for global audiences and policy leaders, so that the knowledge developed at Penn can make an immediate impact around the world.

Perry World House—its programs and the building itself—builds on Penn’s strengths in teaching, interdisciplinary scholarship, and policy-relevant research.  By doing so, it cultivates the broad worldview, critical thinking, and leadership required to address the most urgent issues of global affairs.

Annual Reports

Screenshot of Perry World House Annual Report cover, reading "Penn's Hub for Global Affairs, Annual Report 2022-2023"
Perry World House Annual Report 2022-2023

Our 2022-2023 Annual Report, Penn's Hub for Global Affairs, focuses on how Perry World House supports the University of Pennsylvania's longstanding commitment to global engagement and connection. As the world becomes a more turbulent and fragmented place, that commitment is all the more important.

Navigating the World cover
Perry World House Annual Report 2021-2022

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report, Navigating the World,  looks back at an academic year marked by global uncertainty and change, and how we've risen to the challenge of helping the Penn community and our wider audience to navigate an increasingly uncertain world.

PWH Annual Report 2020-21 cover
Perry World House Annual Report 2020-2021

Our 2020-2021 Annual Report, Connect | Connecting | Connected, explores how we sustained our existing connections and built new ones amid the pandemic. As we enter the second half of our first decade, Perry World House will maintain and deepen these connections, and make new ones, as we carry out our critical mission. 

Cover of annual report for 2019-20, with the text 'Changing World, Changing Penn, Changing Perry World House'
Perry World House Annual Report 2019-2020

Our 2019-2020 Annual Report, Changing World, Changing Penn, Changing Perry World House, looks back on an academic year like no other. It reflects on the many changes we have made since the COVID-19 pandemic began - from pivoting to online events, to virtually convening a COVID-19 working group of experts - while staying true to the core purpose of our work. 

Report cover 2018-19
Perry World House Annual Report 2018-2019

A retrospective of our third full academic year in operation, our 2018-2019 Annual Report Networking The World explores how Perry World House has developed - and continues to develop - a global network that connects expertise from Penn's labs and lecture halls with people working on the world's most urgent issues, whether in Congress or at a refugee camp.

Perry World House Annual Report Cover 2017-18
Perry World House Annual Report 2017-2018

Perry World House's Annual Report 2017-18 looks back at our second year of operations, and explores how we worked towards our goals to bring the world to Penn, to deepen and broaden our engagement with the Penn community, and to build our capacity for policy impact.

PWH annual report cover 2016-17
Perry World House Annual Report 2016-2017

Perry World House's Annual Report 2016-2017 reviews our first full academic year of operations. It reflects on everything we accomplished in that first year, and the path ahead for Perry World House.