Summer Internship Program

In the summer of 2020, prompted by the switch to remote engagement and learning, Perry World House piloted its first-ever summer internship program.

The program included five part-time and full-time interns, working under the two Global Innovation Program research themes of Global Shifts and Global Order. The internship was designed to provide students with a meaningful summer experience by exposing them to programming work at Perry World House, including:

  • preparing for fall workshops and Global Shifts and Global Order colloquia;
  • participating in and preparing reports for the COVID-19 and Global Order Working Group;
  • writing for the Penn Pandemic Diary series;
  • pursuing their own research project with the mentorship of Perry World House staff and faculty.

Summer Intern Research Projects

Our interns carried out their own research projects over the course of the summer, exploring a range of global policy issues - from empowering female migrant workers, to how to stop Southeast Asia's largest city from sinking. Read the projects here.

  • Stop Waiting for the Great Powers to Save the Day - They are the Problem by Rachel Lambert
  • Behind Closed Doors: Empowering Female Migrant Domestic Workers by Carlos Montes
  • The League of Nations: A Precedent for an "Unprecedented" Crisis by Chonnipha Piriyalertsak
  • Sinking City, Mislead Missions by Gabrielle Utomo
  • Arctic "Checkmate!": An Excruciating Misuse of History's Beloved Game by Joshua Weiner