Perry World House Workshop: February 22, 2023 Economic Security and the Future of the Global Order in the Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific region is caught in the middle of the increased rivalry between the United States and People’s Republic of China. These tensions and the economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have amplified the geopolitical challenges facing the region.

Considering the reliance that many countries in the Indo-Pacific have on China as a trading partner and on the United States as a security partner, greater economic competition between the two countries runs the risk of disrupting existing relations and straining the multilateral institutions that aim to balance them. And with a highly populated region comes the possibility for new leadership to emerge.

To address these challenges, Perry World House convened a workshop in February 2023 on “Economic Security and the Future of the Global Order in the Indo-Pacific,” bringing together experts from the policy world and academia to discuss these challenges.

The workshop report—and accompanying thought pieces from participants—discusses ideas on the economic future of the Indo-Pacific.


Click here to read the report.

Thought Pieces

Alongside the report, we've published a series of thought pieces from the policymakers, academics, and policy practitioners who attended the workshop.

Multilateral Economic Organizations and Breaking the US-China Box

Economic Security, Supply Chain Diversification, and Multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific by Roselyn Hsueh

Maintaining and Enhancing US Leverage by Neena Shenai (forthcoming)

Avoid Sleepwalking into a Cold War over Critical Minerals Supply Chains by Zongyuan Zoe Liu (forthcoming)

India and Major Power Economic Competition by Tanvi Madan (forthcoming)

Pursuing Indo-Pacific Growth and Development Amid Superpower Rivalry by Roland Rajah

Trade and Economic Perspectives from Southeast Asia

Free Trade Agreements from the Perspective of ASEAN and Malaysia by Juita Mohamad 

Southeast Asia Amid US-China Economic Competition by Ann Marie Murphy

The Fight for the Future of Technological Supremacy

The Tech War and the Global South by Nobukatsu Kanehara

Southeast Asia and the China-US Fight for Tech Supremacy by Elina Noor (published by AsiaGlobal Online)

US-China Tech Decoupling Likely To Continue by Jordan Schneider (published on ChinaTalk Substack)