Visiting Fellows & Visiting Scholars

The academics studying our most pressing global challenges often have limited contact with the individuals actually responsible for crafting and implementing policy.

In a broad sense, Perry World House bridges this divide by connecting policy makers and global affairs professionals with Penn faculty and students. The Visiting Fellows Program creates tangible linkages by bringing thought and policy leaders from around the world to Penn for visits ranging from a week to a semester.

Visiting Fellows come from government, international institutions, think tanks, and boardrooms—and from locations as close as Washington, D.C., and as far away as Pretoria, South Africa.  Despite their differences, the Visiting Fellows have much in common: in-depth experience with key global challenges being explored by Perry World House, an ability to make unique contributions to policy discussions, and an interest in bringing academic knowledge to bear on policy choices.

While in residence at Perry World House, Visiting Fellows work with Penn faculty on research projects, take part in conversations across the University, mentor Penn students, and advance Perry World House’s scholarly initiatives.  When they return home, the Visiting Fellows apply what they have learned and experienced—and the relationships they have established—to their ongoing work on complex global challenges, greatly extending the “shelf-life” of their Perry World House residencies.