Penn Identity & Conflict Lab Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Penn Identity & Conflict (PIC) Lab, led by Professor Nicholas Sambanis at the Department of Political Science of the University of Pennsylvania, is looking to fill a Postdoctoral Fellow role for 2022-23. Please note that applications are now closed.

The Lab addresses a broad range of critical questions focused on inter-group conflict and identity politics.  The Lab prioritizes research in three key areas: how social identities shape individual behavior, how conflict affects identities, and what interventions are effective in reducing inter-group conflict.  Both violent and non-violent forms of conflict are considered, ranging from bias, discrimination, and protest to ethnic violence, secessionism and war. 

The Lab has ongoing work in several different areas, including: (1) native-immigrant conflict in several countries; (2) gender bias and discrimination; (3) effects of sports competition on social preferences and attitudes; (4) causes of nationalist policy preferences; (5) strategies to induce intergroup cooperation; and (6) mechanisms underlying the violent escalation of group claims for self-determination. A variety of methods are used to study these topics, including surveys, survey experiments, lab and field experiments, and analysis of observational data.  The Lab seeks to integrate substantive and methodological knowledge across the social and behavioral sciences to better understand these topics.

Fellows will split their time between their own research and work with Professor Nicholas Sambanis on one or more of the Lab’s ongoing projects.  Innovative new project proposals by fellows can be considered for funding by the Lab.