2020 Global Shifts Colloquium Report and Thought Pieces

On September 14-16 and 23, 2020, Perry World House convened our Global Shifts Colloquium, "Seeking Refuge in the Climate Emergency", to examine the underlying challenges, debates, and global policy solutions to prepare for and respond to climate-induced human displacement.

Colloquium Report

Climate change threatens to displace millions of people around the world as sea levels rise and extreme weather events become increasingly common. How can the international community respond to this immense challenge?

Our new report, "Seeking Refuge in the Climate Emergency" explores key debates, challenges, and issues around how climate change will impact human migration. 

Thought Pieces

Climate-Induced Displacement: Key Debates

Policy Approaches to Climate Migration: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean by Pablo Escribano, published in Lawfare

Climate Change & Displacement: What We Know, What We Don’t Know, What We Need to Figure Out by Elizabeth Ferris 

Data, Models, and Decision-Making

Climate Migrants in Bangladesh: A Journey Towards Uncertainty! by Bayes Ahmed

Are "Climate Migrants" Real? by Alex de Sherbinin

Climate Change & Migration in the US: Mitigating Losses, Addressing Moral Hazards, and Incorporating Risk into Residential Mobility by Elizabeth Fussell 

Displacing Risk in a Changing Climate by Justin Ginnetti

Habitability by David J. Wrathall

Legal Pathways and Regimes

Climate Change and Migration: Legal Questions and Pathways by Romola Adeola

Addressing Climate-Induced Migration from SIDS by Enhancing Regular Migration Pathways by Ama R. Francis

Legal Responses to the Climate-Migration Nexus by Benoît Mayer

Rethinking Asylum and the Right to Non-Refoulement in an Era of Climate Emergencies by Sarah H. Paoletti

Climate Change and Security

From Securitization Towards a Language of Climate Mobilities by Ingrid Boas

How Climate Change Increases Conflict Risk Factors, and How to Respond by Shiloh Fetzek

Climate Change as an Unconventional Security Risk by Cullen Hendrix, published in War on the Rocks

International Protection in Response to Adverse Effects of Climate Change and Disasters by Shahrzad Tadjbakhsh and Isabelle Michal

Resilient Frontline Communities

The Case for Climate Reparations by Mimi Sheller, published in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Agenda for Climate Relocation Research and Practice by A.R. Siders