Perry World House Workshop: May 26-27, 2021 The New Space Age: Beyond Global Order

In the weeks leading up to Perry World House's workshop on The New Space Age in May 2021, it became clear just how rapidly the space domain is growing and changing.

China landed a rover on Mars, becoming the second country to operate on the Red Planet; in the United States, a new administrator took the helm at NASA; Russia announced it would leave the International Space Station; SpaceX successfully landed its Starship SN15 prototype; and the world watched the uncontrolled re-entry of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket, which plunged into the Indian Ocean and reignited a global debate on responsible state behavior in space.

The world is entering a "New Space Age," one that will bring many challenges and opportunities but academia and policymakers alike are struggling to keep up. A new report and thought pieces from Perry World House looks at innovative policy solutions in four key areaspublic-private cooperation, military and competition, economic opportunities, and international law and global governance.

Click here to read our report, The New Space Age: Beyond Global Order.

Thought Pieces

Public-Private Cooperation

Public-Private Partnerships: Considerations for the New Space Age by Karen L. Jones

A Boring Space Innovation Paper by Sarah Mineiro

Encouraging the Space-for-Space Economy by Matthew Weinzierl

Military and Competition

Cautionary Remarks on the Emerging Bipolarity of Space Alliances: A Japanese Perspective by Saadia M. Pekkanen

Military and Competition in Outer Space: Consequences and Way Ahead by Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

Economic Opportunities

Space Economics and Law by Henry Hertzfeld

International Law and Global Governance

Space Realities in the Twenty-First Century by Simonetta Di Pippo

What, if any, relevance does the Moon Agreement have to activities in space today? by Irmgard Marboe

Global Roots of a Gilded Space Age by Lisa Ruth Rand