Coronavirus, Migration 2021 Global Shifts Colloquium Thought Pieces

July 22, 2021
By Various Authors | Perry World House

The scholars and policy practitioners who attended our 2021 Global Shifts Colloquium, Locked Down: Global Mobility and COVID-19, produced a series of thought pieces exploring critical issues surrounding restrictions on human movement in the pandemic.

Border Closing and Reopening: National and Regional Policies

The Effectiveness of International Travel Measures: What Have We Learned During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic? by Karen A. Grépin

Life in the Time of COVID: Planning for Non-Adherence by Tana Johnson (published by Duck of Minerva)

Migrant Workers, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the Prospects for Human Mobility in the Post-COVID Recovery Period by Claire Kumar

Recovering Industries: Global Tourism and Transportation

A Sustainable, Equitable, Multimodal Return to Global Air Transportation Post-COVID-19 by Megan Ryerson

Recovering Tourism through Improved Risk Management Skill Development by Erinn D. Tucker

The Corona Crisis: An Opportunity for Sustainable Tourism by Naciye Güliz Uğur

Moving for Work: Migrant Workers and International Labor

Immigrant Workers and the COVID-19 Pandemic by Francesco Fasani

When the Pandemic Hit, Were Migrant Workers Left Out in the Cold? by Michelle Leighton

Building Resilient Migration Systems by Rebekah Smith

Struggling against COVID-19 and Suffering from Despair: Time for Inclusive Protection of Migrant Workers by Huso Yi

Searching for Safety: Refugees and Asylum Seekers

COVID-19 and the Protection of Refugees and Asylum Seekers by T. Alexander Aleinikoff

Silently Locked Out: COVID-19 Responses for Refugees and Migrants in Africa by Amanda Coffie

The COVID-19 Pandemic and State Responses to Asylum Seekers by Rebecca Hamlin

Public Health and COVID-19 in Latin America: Protecting Migrants and Refugees by Andrés Felipe Cubillos-Novella, Báltica Cabieses, Michael Knipper, Ana Cristina Sedas