Global Governance, International Law, Power & Security, Space, Technology Challenges and Opportunities at the Dawn of the New Space Age | Report and Thought Pieces

September 30, 2022
By Perry World House

The space domain is expanding as never before, with rapidly increasing investment from both the public and private sectors and an accelerated pace of technological innovation. Experts term this phenomenon "The New Space Age," and while it affords many opportunities, it also poses distinct challenges.

Gone are the days when space was exclusively the preserve of the nation-state. Improvements in technology and reductions in cost are making space increasingly accessible, opening it up to a diversity of actors. This carries the promise of prosperity, but has also led to daunting problems, including a proliferation of dangerous space debris from collisions and anti-satellite tests; a burgeoning private sector presence; and growing international competition. The current global legal framework for the space domain, which originated over fifty years ago, is insufficiently robust to handle these emerging and urgent challenges.

To address this, Perry World House convened a workshop in March 2022, titled "Challenges and Opportunities at the Dawn of the New Space Age." It brought together experts from the policy world, academia, and the private sector to explore how both policy and research might address some of these challenges, including the future of the space economy; how to solve the problem of space debris; and managing both cooperation and competition in space.

The workshop report—complemented by a series of thought pieces from participants—sets out expert ideas for maximizing the opportunities and managing the challenges of this new era. 


Read our report, Challenges and Opportunities at the Dawn of the New Space Age.

Thought Pieces

The Future of Space Technology and Economy

The Future of Space Technology and How It May Benefit Humanity, by Svetla Ben-Itzhak

The Future of Space Technology and Economy, by Naoko Yamazaki

How to Solve the Problem of Space Debris

How to Solve the Problem of Space Debris..., by Christophe Bonnal

Solving the Problem of Space Debris: A Normative Approach to Space Debris Governance, by Robin Dickey

A New Space Age...for Space Debris?by Jill Stuart

Cooperation and Competing Visions in Space

Terran Politics by Other Means? How Cooperation and Competition Among Allies and Adversaries Changes in the Space Domain, by Paige Cone (forthcoming)

Great Power Competition and/or Cooperation in Space: The State of Playby Namrata Goswami

Reduce Friction in Space by Amending the 1967 Outer Space Treatyby Douglas Ligor (published by War On The Rocks)

The Role of International Cooperation for Stabilizing Potential Friction Points in the Space Domain, by Peter Martinez

Elements of the Cooperation and Competition Dynamics in the New Space Environment, by Xavier Pasco

This workshop was made possible in part by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York and the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research.