Asia-Pacific, China, Power & Security, Technology China v Taiwan: What’s Really Happening in the Air?

June 25, 2022
By Aerospace Advantage | Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

In Episode 82 of the Aerospace Advantage podcast, China v Taiwan: What’s Really Happening in the Air?, John Baum chats with Mitchell Institute’s Dan Rice; Ken Allen, previously with the China Aerospace Studies Institute; Gerald Brown of Valiant Integrated Services; and Thomas Shattuck of Perry World House to better understand the dynamics between China and Taiwan when it comes to contested air sovereignty. Clearly, relations between the two nations are complex and heated. From an air perspective, this increasingly comes to bear as Chinese military aircraft transit through airspace claimed by Taiwan, which includes a special zone known as the air defense identification zone (ADIZ). This sort of action could easily escalate into a flash point. Learn more about these trends and what they mean for broader security dynamics in the Pacific.

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