Climate Change, International Development, Global Governance COP26 report: COVID stimulus packages fail to address climate change adaptation

November 4, 2021
By Alistair Walsh | Deutsche Welle

Perry World House Visiting Fellow Koko Warner is quoted in this article from Deutsche Welle.

Developing countries need to spend up to 10 times more public money than current levels to implement climate adaptation measures that would minimize harm caused by more frequent droughts, flooding and other weather extremes, according to a United Nations report published on Thursday...

Koko Warner, who manages the UNFCCC's Environmental Migration, Social Vulnerability and Adaptation Section, and was not involved in the report, said adaptation measures take many forms, but are vital to people's survival.

"All over the world people are feeling the adverse impacts of climate change — unexpectedly harsh winter storms, severe drought, locust swarms that destroy crops, life-threatening heat domes, progressive sea level rise that threaten coastal communities," Warner told DW from the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

"These risks require society to adjust and shift. We all rely on stable, safe environments for our survival."

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