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Exclusive: Iran Strike Won't Slow Trump's Cuts To National Security Council

January 11, 2020
By Franco Ordoñez | NPR

Perry World House's Director of Communications and Research John Gans was interviewed by NPR's Franco Ordoñez on All Things Considered about President Donald Trump's approach to the National Security Council. 

"You sort of see a very messy decision on the Soleimani strike, one that didn't seem to sort of have all of the t's crossed and i's dotted," said John Gans, author of White House Warriors, a book about the NSC.

Gans said Trump is wary of leaks and seems averse to advice and guidance like the kind of guidance traditionally given by the NSC.

It doesn't help that some of the most damning testimony against Trump in the impeachment hearings came from people working for the NSC.

"This decision on Iran, you can't divorce it from President Trump's sort of war against the so-called deep state," Gans said. "What he calls the deep state is really what everybody else calls America's experts on Iran, Iraq and every other foreign policy."

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