Asia-Pacific, Climate Change, Latin America & the Caribbean, Migration Islands on the climate front line

April 25, 2022
By Kristen de Groot | Penn Today

Small, remote, and with limited resources, island nations are among the world’s most vulnerable places and, as bellwethers of the climate crisis, have have taken center stage in global policy discourse around this. 

How can these islands protect their people, build resilient communities, and safeguard their environment, and what policies can be wrought from their example for the rest of the globe?

Perry World House explored these questions and more at its Global Shifts Colloquium, “Islands on the Climate Front Line: Risk and Resilience.” The daylong public event featured roundtable discussions with island ambassadors to the United Nations, a chat with ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau, and a conversation with activist, poet, and climate envoy Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner of the Marshall Islands.

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