Europe, Global Governance, Russia , Power & Security NATO is united on Ukraine but still not doing what is necessary to deter Putin

June 30, 2022
By Trudy Rubin | The Philadelphia Inquirer

PWH Visiting Fellow Trudy Rubin cites PWH Distinguished Visiting Fellow Alexander Vershbow in this article on developments from the latest NATO Summit.

When it comes to last week’s NATO summit and President Joe Biden’s performance as global leader, there’s the good news and the bad news.

Confronted with the dangerous ambitions of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, NATO appeared more unified than at any time since the Cold War. In fact, Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has effectively revived the Cold War....

If Ukraine got needed long-range weapons now, their motivated fighters could push the Russians back and launch counteroffensives to take back territory in the east and the south. “The possibility of turning things around may be forfeited by the sluggishness and half-heartedness of the delivery of armaments,” says Alexander Vershbow, former U.S. ambassador to NATO and to Russia.

“Now is the time to give Ukrainians the firepower they need when it could make a difference and they could dislodge Russians from some key positions,” says Vershbow, rather than later when they have to push the Russians back from well-defended positions.

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