Climate Change, Global Governance Perry World House to hold event on UN’s role in advancing climate policy agenda

January 31, 2022
By Radwan Azim | The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Perry World House will host a panel of experts, including two Penn alumni, to explain the role of United Nations summits in furthering climate policies.

The event "Super Size Me: How Massive UN Summits Advance Policy Agendas" will be held at 4 p.m. in a hybrid format — in the World Forum and on Zoom. It will be moderated by Perry World House Senior Faculty Fellow and Director of Post-Graduate Programs Michael Weisberg, featuring speakers 1989 Engineering graduate Lolita Jackson, 1998 College graduate Elizabeth Yee, and Koko Warner.

The speakers will share their own experiences advocating for the climate agenda, and the strategies for impacting policy both at summits behind closed doors — in the “blue zone" — and in the public “green zone.”

“There’s something called the ‘blue zone’ where that’s the actual negotiation and negotiators from other countries steer those negotiations to happen," Jackson said. "The ‘green zone’ is companies, NGOs, and other entities that want to make sure that they’re supporting the goals of the negotiations.” 

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