Policy Roundtable: Artificial Intelligence and International Security

June 2, 2020
By Various Authors | Texas National Security Review

Last fall, Perry World House hosted a two-day colloquium titled "How Emerging Technologies Are Rewiring the Global Order." The essays in this Texas National Security Review roundtable emerged from a panel on how emerging technologies like AI are changing international politics.

The roundtable is made up of a series of insightful articles on critical issues surrounding artificial intelligence and international security.

  • "Introduction: Artificial Intelligence and International Security" by Michael C. Horowitz, Lauren Kahn, and Christian Ruhl
  • "The AI that Wasn't There: Global Order and the (Mis)Perception of Powerful AI" by Mary (Missy) Cummings
  • "Integrating Emerging Technology in Multinational Military Operations: The Case of Artificial Intelligence" by Erik Lin-Greenberg
  • "The Militarization of Artificial Intelligence" by Paul Scharre
  • "The Promise and Risks of Artificial Intelligence: A Brief History" by Rebecca Slayton

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