China, United States PWH panel says Biden will strengthen foreign alliances, face tension with China and Russia

November 23, 2020
By Anushka Dasgupta | The Daily Pennsylvanian

Perry World House hosted a panel to explore the implications of a Biden presidency for American foreign policy and global stability.

The Nov. 10 event, part of The World Today series and titled "The Next Four Years: U.S. Foreign Policy," featured Trudy Rubin, PWH Visiting Fellow and foreign affairs columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Alexander Vershbow, Wolk Distinguished Visiting Fellow with PWH and former U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Russia, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Moderated by Michael Horowitz, director of PWH and Richard Perry Professor, the panelists discussed the positive foreign reactions to Joe Biden winning the 2020 presidential election and how Biden's foreign policy, which will contrast with Trump-era policies, may influence the world order.

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